Step One:  Sign a HEALTHCARE CONNECTIONS Recruitment Agreement

Getting started with Healthcare Connections is easy! Contact us at 800-444-8479 and we will go over the details of our recruitment agreement.  We work on a contingency basis – so you are not responsible for ANY fees until you hire a candidate that we refer to you.  In addition, our recruitment agreement is non-exclusive, so you can continue to utilize your current recruitment methods in addition to ours.

Step Two: Develop Recruitment Process Guidelines

Your consultant can assist you in outlining a streamlined process for the on-site interview.  This is a proven process that can practically guarantee the success of the interview process if completed correctly.

Step Three:  Clearly Define Your Search Criteria

Upon receipt of the signed recruitment agreement, we will have a detailed conversation with you to determine the most important criteria in your search for a clinician. Your consultant will uncover the key elements of your opportunity to determine what will make it appealing to prospective candidates.

Step Four:  Let Us Conduct Your Search

Once we have defined a clear and concise description of your position, along with a profile of your ideal candidate, we will begin to engage all of our resources to market your position to prospective candidates.

Our team of professional physician recruiters are, at any given time, representing a large database of candidates that are actively engaged in a search for a new clinical opportunity. Once we have exhausted our active candidates, we will begin to market your position – confidentially – through several methods including web advertising, email campaigns, and sourcing passive candidates (candidates that are not actively pursuing a career change).

Step Five:  Narrow Candidates to Include Only the Top Applicants

When our recruiters have sourced several excellent candidates, we will narrow down the results to the most qualified candidates for your position.

Step Six:  We Present Well-Qualified Candidates

Upon narrowing the candidates, our consultant will contact you to discuss each candidate, in detail, and will submit the CV, credentials and employment references for the candidates that we present to you.  In addition to the credentials, we will also provide you with a general background description of the candidate, as well as details of why the candidate is interested in your specific position and how they meet the criteria of your search.

Step Seven:  Schedule a Phone Interview

Upon receipt of the candidate’s CV, your consultant will work closely with you to assist you in arranging a mutual time to conduct a phone interview with the provider.

Step Eight: Phone Interview Feedback

Upon completion of the phone interview, your consultant will provide you with feedback from the provider, to help you better determine their interest in your job opportunity.

Step Nine: Schedule a Site Visit

When you have determined that a clinician we have sourced for you is someone that you would like to interview personally, our consultant will assist you in arranging a mutually agreeable interview date, preparation of an interview itinerary, and assistance in coordinating travel and accommodations for the interview.

Step Ten:  Conduct an On-Site Interview

Our consultants will assist you in coordinating all the details of the candidate’s on-site interview, including valuable post interview feedback that will allow you to determine the candidate’s interest and intent to accept your position.

Step Eleven:  Hire a Provider

Your recruiter can assist your office in preparing and negotiating an employment contract to ensure the timely hire of your ideal candidate.

Healthcare Connections’ recruiting consultants will assist you every step of the way – you will never be left to navigate the process on your own.  We measure our success on our client’s satisfaction!