If you are a physician looking to start working locum tenens, it is helpful to become familiar with the process.  Please feel free to contact us at 800-444-8479 if you have any questions about working locums. We are happy to walk you through the process.

Step One: Inquire about an opportunity

A physician can find locums employment opportunities by using the Healthcare Connections Job Search under the job section of the website. It’s okay if you do not see a job opportunity that matches your criteria.  We post new locums jobs every day, so check back with us. You can start the locums process without a specific opportunity in mind.  Just contact us at 800-444-8479.  Our locums team will ask you questions about your motivation for engaging in locums, your work history, and the locations that appeal to you.  They will also ask you to submit your CV to help us tailor your locums search to your experience.  Our locums team will look for opportunities that are a good match, and contact you when opportunities arise.

Step Two: Conduct a phone interview

Once a locums opportunity is identified, a Healthcare Connections locums team member will contact you to discuss the exact location and details of the job.  Healthcare Connections will always request a physician’s permission before submitting their CV for consideration to a client.  If the opportunity is a good fit, Healthcare Connections will contact the medical facility to present the physician and arrange a phone interview.  You will then conduct a phone interview with an administrator, medical director, or division chief at the medical facility offering the job.  Our goal is to make sure expectations are clear before an assignment begins.

Step Three: Compile essential documents

These documents include Education Certificates, Board Certification, State Licenses and Controlled Substance Registrations, Federal DEA and a current photograph. Additional documents may be required throughout the credentialing process.

Step Four: Participate in the credentialing process

All of the documents collected in step three will be used in the credentialing process.  In addition to these, we will help you complete applications from the medical facility, and malpractice insurance application. Complete these documents as quickly as possible to make sure you can start the assignment on time.

Step Five: Confirm assignment details

Healthcare Connections will work with you to arrange travel and lodging for the duration of your assignment.  Your travel and lodging are paid for with all of your Healthcare Connections locums assignments.

Step Six: Practice at the assignment

Healthcare Connections will arrange an orientation at your locums facility in order to become familiar with the facility and meet key people.  It’s important to be flexible and willing to jump in right away.  Find out whom to turn to when questions arise.  Healthcare Connections is always available during your assignment for questions and support.

Step Seven: Complete the assignment and receive payment

Healthcare Connections provides direct deposit on a weekly basis.  The physician is responsible for keeping good records on the time sheet and getting time sheets signed by the appropriate authority on a regular basis.

If you’re ready to start your search for the right locum tenens fit, we’re ready to help.
Contact Healthcare Connections at 800-444-8479 or at locums@healthcareconnections.com