Filling your temporary physician staffing needs is easy with Healthcare Connections.  We’d like to tell you a bit about our process, so you know what to expect when working with us.  Throughout the process we offer you a single point of contact to ensure outstanding communication and customer service. 

Step One: Contact us for a consultation

Getting started with Healthcare Connections is easy.  Give us a call at 800-444-8479 so that we can get to know your organization, your needs and discover how we can help.  We will discuss your opportunity, your facility, and the specifics of your situation.  We follow up this phone call with an email summarizing your needs and confirming the details. 

Step Two: Sign a Healthcare Connections agreement

Once we are clear on your situation and needs, we will send you an agreement.  Our agreement is contingency-based, which means you only pay us when the physician goes to work.  We are also non-exclusive, so you may keep looking on your own or using other companies to assist in your search.  We ask that if you use one of the physicians we present to you, that you complete the assignment process through us. 

Step Three: Let us conduct your search

Our team begins contacting physicians about your opportunity right away.  We call and pre-screen all physicians by phone to make sure they are a good fit for you.  Potential qualified candidates are presented to you by phone and email.  We will tell you a little bit about each physician, what qualifies them for your position, and why they are currently working locums.  If a candidate sounds like a good fit, we schedule a phone interview with you and the candidate. 

Step Four: Complete telephone interviews

We schedule phone interviews between you and the physician candidate.  We provide you with the best number to reach the physicians and the best time to call.  We make sure you have the physician’s CV before the interview, as well as conversation summaries of our contact with the physician pertaining to your opportunity.  Once a candidate has been accepted, they will be fully credentialed by our team. 

Step Five: Let us facilitate your credentialing 

Once the candidate has been accepted by your facility, and they agree to go to work for you through us, we facilitate the credentialing.  You provide us with the Application Forms from your MSO and we prepopulate the document with all of the pertinent information.  This is sent to the physician with a list of documentation required.  All of our physicians are thoroughly credentialed.  We require a minimum of three references, within the last 12 months, on each physician.  Our physicians complete our credentialing application, which includes any claims history, all diplomas, and state licensure.  We are happy to furnish these items to you as well.  

Step Six: Your positions are filled 

Once a physician is placed, we work with you to ensure the physician has a contact name, address, telephone number, and time to report.  We arrange travel to make sure the physicians is at your facility well in advance of their start time.  Physicians complete timesheets and return them to us weekly.  Timesheets are verified with you before approval for payment.